Planting Your Spring Garden

LilacIn honor of today, March 21st, I thought I’d publish a note on spring gardens.  Early spring planters are a daring lot, particularly here in the Mid-West, where spring snows are not uncommon.  Your spring garden should be well-prepared in advance and planned with hardy plants in mind.

Know what flowers will grow in your area, and thrive in the soil type where you plan to introduce them.  This is a vital, but often overlooked step.  You may love the look of hibiscus or bee balm, but if you can’t give them the sunlight they crave, you’re bound to be disappointed.  Know how much sunlight your planned spring garden gets, all day, or just a few hours per day? Continue reading

Fixes for Two Common Screw Problems

screwsJust about anyone who performs home repairs will encounter these two problems at some point: First, is the stripped screw head, where the notch to insert the tip of the screw driver, Phillips or flat head, has been worn down; second is the worn out hole in the wood where the screw is seated, or will be seated, making for a loose fitting screw and consequently, a loose fitting attachment to the wood, e.g., hinge or bannister, etc.

Continue reading

The Dremel

I get asked about the Dremel, quite a bit, usually to borrow it.

The Dremel is a lightweight and popular brand of rotary hand tool.  It’s like a drill, but much more versatile.  It’s compact and light-weight and may be used in a variety of applications, even in medicine and dentistry. While there are different varieties, including sizes and speeds, corded and cordless models, what makes the Dremel such a work horse is the variety of attachments.  Almost an endless number of attachments and nearly as many applications.  There are attachments for drilling, carving, cutting, polishing.  There’s even a specialty attachment for carving Halloween pumpkins.  It’s actually quite impressive the number of tasks you can perform with this tool. Continue reading

Setting the Groundwork for a Plusher, Greener Lawn – Aerating

It may seem odd to discuss aerating your lawn today, when it’s about fifteen degrees outside, but it’ll be spring before long. If you’ve had trouble getting the sort of lawn that professionals are able to grow, think Augusta, you may have tried a lot of fixes.  You may have tried various watering techniques, or lawn foods or fertilizers, or different grass combinations.  Have you tried aerating? Continue reading